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2022 Retreat Speakers


Karen Strange, CPM, AAP/NRP

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Jackie Kuschner APRN-CNM, MSN, CPM (Retired)

"I have been a birth worker for almost 40 years, and it had come time to hang up my midwife hat, sort of, in the hope of finding a new invention of myself. I am beyond happy to say that retirement will
probably never happen for me, and I am now a member of the Atlanta Birth Center Team in Atlanta, Georgia, as a Post Partum Home Visit APRN. It has opened yet another wonderful opportunity to stay connected to the mamas, babies and families who are out-of-hospital birthers. What a gift this profession has been in every possible way. As sisters in the best profession ever, let us keep fulfilling our
dreams of Midwifery as the leaders in safe birthing in the USA! Let us never give up our fight for
professional autonomy and well-deserved respect."


Dr. Toni Mercado

Toni grew up in rural Brazil. She studied anthropology and received a bachelor’s degree in biology in North America. After graduation she returned to South America to study medicine so she could provide medical care to rural people who did not have access to appropriate health care. Her passion for women’s health and childbirth came from her own negative experiences within
the traditional medical system when she realized that women should not be treated in such a way. She then dedicated herself to the gentle, ethical treatment 
of women particularly revolving around childbirth and brings 25+ years of experience to the conversation. In her spare time Toni enjoys reading and running.


Liz Burkholder, PMHNP, FNP

"My passion is helping people move from merely surviving to actually thriving. I use integrative medication management along with TransperTrauma Focused Hypnotherapy (TTHH). TTHH helps clients in overcoming and healing deeper issues such as anxiety, depression, self-sabotaging beliefs/behaviors, past traumas, PTSD, etc. Hypnotherapy is extremely helpful in overcoming and reprogramming negative, deep-rooted beliefs and behaviors that stem from trauma. I'm currently offering virtual sessions for Medication Management and Trauma Focused Hypnotherapy. "


Jenna Weigner, CPM

After completing her undergraduate degree in Sociology, Jenna spent two years in Santa Cruz Bolivia, where her passion for midwifery was born. She decided to return to the United States for
her formal study, attending Bastyr University where she received a Master’s of Science in Midwifery and her CPM. Later she specialized
in lactation and became an IBCLC in 2019. She currently has a small private practice in rural Eastern Bolivia and works towards
collaborative relationships within the medical system, education of families and professionals and providing respectful care for expectant and postpartum families. You can often find her reading or spending time with her 4 boys.


Karen Welton, CD (DONA)

Karen is a doula, childbirth educator and mother of three. She has supported hundreds of women in their childbirth journey. She created the Pain Free Birth E-Course and Postpartum Bliss E-Course to teach women how to partner with our body's design to have a pain free, ecstatic birth and
and postpartum experience. She trains women and birth professionals on how to use the Pain Free Birth Method to create easeful, peaceful labors.

Dr. Emily Rousch, PT, DPT

Emily is a doctor of physical therapy specializing in pelvic floor therapy, vestibular rehabilitation and orthopedic issues. She is an Ohio native who grew up in a family owned PT practice where she saw first hand what it took to provide quality care. She believes this starts with a good patient/therapist relationship that is achieved through one on one uninterrupted sessions. 

It was during her doctoral studies at Pacific University that her interest in pelvic floor therapy and vestibular rehabilitation grew. Upon completing her degree she attended further education within these specialities. Knowing first hand how  life can be altered by experiencing dysfunction she strives to bring control back to the patient and increase their quality of life. 

When not working you can find Dr. Emily outside either on the golf course, playing pickelball, hiking, jogging, or just enjoy God's beautiful creation. She also enjoys reading, having friendly competition in board game night, meeting new people and spending time with family and friends. 

Dr. Alesha Logan, NP

"I strive to provide the most comfortable experience possible. I want to make sure my patients feel supported and cared for. I am an educator as well, and believe in empowering patients through education.

I love caring for the entire family (including kids and stubborn husbands), and helping my patients to accomplish their personal goals. I do specialize in weight loss and helping patients to wean off their medications.

I currently serve as the CEO and Medical Director for Logos Health. I am also a faculty member at Indiana Wesleyan University, and have taught in graduate and undergraduate education since 2012."

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