Herbal Wisdom



Herbalist and Midwife, Brittany Walker, will share practical and accessible ways of preparing and administering plant medicines based on knowledge she has gleaned from living as a Midwife and Herbalist with various Indigenous communities of North and South Americas over the past decade. These traditional remedies are used for treating and nurturing women throughout the cycles of our lives as well as during the childbearing process.


Brittany has recently moved back to the United States after nearly a decade of living in Peru. She is grateful to be back in the North and able to share some of her experiences of birth, life and ritual. Brittany believes deeply in the power of ancestral memory and traditional Indigenous practices in our daily lives. This driving force led her to begin formally studying midwifery, herbalism and ritual ceremonies in 2004 and 2005. After completing her initial trainings Brittany has gone on to work as a midwife, herbalist and childbirth educator in various rural regions of South America. In her practice as well as in her workshops Brittany strives to offer an integral understanding of the nature of holistic well being by reviving forgotten forms of medicine in ways that are meaningful to and effective for the beneficiaries.

In addition to learning about medicines from the Plant Nations we will also take time to explore ancient practices and ritual surrounding conception, pregnancy, birth and the post-partum.

*** When she shares specific traditional Indigenous practices of certain tribes she always does so, only with the permission and blessing of that tribe. 

COST:  $60

Bring your lunch, or throw in a bit for a home cooked meal of soup, salad, and breads.

​​We regret to announce that this class has been postponed. Hoping for a fall 2017 date.

Please check back for an update.